Ojamajo Doremi .gif #331: Inseparable Friendship

There’s plenty of friendship to go around.



I recently heard someone saying she absolutely hates the japanese version, and that the 4kids dub was the best… I know everyone’s free to like any of them, but I was shocked! For me, the 4kids dub is the most hideous dub ever was and will”

Is this for realsies?!  I can’t even carry this statement in a wheelbarrow!

The french dub is best than 4kids dub ..

But the japanese is the best ♥

OMFG, it’s awesome ! *OO*



Smile PreCure X Ojamajo Doremi

Smile PreCure AMV, with Ojamajo Doremi’s theme song.

Everything about this video is just perfect (especially how it all fits with the lyrics remarkeably well, not only just in lip-sync). Tremendous fun.

Source: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20360193

OMG, it’s perfect, I love ! *O*