HaChaPre versions of other magical girl shows (+other Precure)

This was meant to be a quick thing, but somehow it took a lot more time than intended…

Please ignore the fact that none of them have the PreChanMirror case


Ojamajo Doremi .gif #331: Inseparable Friendship

There’s plenty of friendship to go around.



I recently heard someone saying she absolutely hates the japanese version, and that the 4kids dub was the best… I know everyone’s free to like any of them, but I was shocked! For me, the 4kids dub is the most hideous dub ever was and will”

Is this for realsies?!  I can’t even carry this statement in a wheelbarrow!

The french dub is best than 4kids dub ..

But the japanese is the best ♥

OMFG, it’s awesome ! *OO*